Plumas County, Northern California

Lake Almanor Fishing

Fishing at Lake Almanor

Lake Almanor is home to rainbow and brown trout, king salmon, and small mouth bass, along with other species such as catfish and smelt.

Where to Fish on Lake Almanor

In the spring when the water in Lake Almanor begins to warm, fishing really picks up. Anglers do well on either side of the peninsula and around at Big Springs Cove. Trolling and shore fishing are good along the east shore and by the dam. Another productive spot is near the jetties by to the Forest Service boat ramp on the west shore.

More good places to fish around Lake Almanor include by the powerhouse, the jetties at Prattville, and the Hamilton Branch and other river or stream inlets. Bass hide out by the stumps on the south shore and the rocky banks on the north side. Catfish gather near the causeway and naturally at Catfish Beach.

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Fishing Map of Lake Almanor

The Almanor Fishing Association

P.O. Box 1938
Chester, California 96020
(530) 259-5899
Almanor Fishing Association

Photo of Hamilton Branch

  Hamilton Branch

Photo of Lake Almanor Campground

  Almanor Campground

Photo of Lake Almanor

  Near the Dam

Trophy Fish from Lake Almanor

Rainbow Trout - 10 pounds, 4 ounces
Brown Trout - 16 pounds, 1988
King Salmon - 11 pounds, 13 ounces, 1991

Which Baits and Lures are Cathing Fish at Lake Almanor?


Salmon Eggs, Rooser Tails, Kastmasters Spoons,
PowerBait, Marshmallows, Small Spoons and Spinners,


Spinnerbait, Crayfish, Plastic Worms, Yamamoto Senko
Rapalas, Mepps Double Blade Aglia

King Salmon

Needlefish lures, green and fire tiger colors of J-Plugs, large spoons


Nightcrawlers, Chicken Livers, Clams, Anchovies

Fly Fishing

The Hexagenia hatch begins in late June and runs through early July. Try woolly buggers, birds nest, hexagennia spinner, seal buggers, hex nymphs

For more fly fishing advice, see "Steven Ojai's" Fly Fishing the Sierra.

Lake Almanor Fishing Guides

Lucky Grady Fishing Guide Service:   (408) 515-1503
Bob Kopernik guides salmon and trout trips on Lake Almanor from May through the middle of September.

Almanor Fishing Adventures:   (530) 258-6732
Doug Neal specializes in Lake Almanor and has more than 7000 hours fishing it.
Website: Almanor Fishing Adventures

Big Daddy's Guide Service:   (530) 283-4103.
Bryan Roccucci specializes in the lakes of the Northern Sierra

Roger's Guide Services:   For local lake fishing call - (530) 284-6429 (April to October)
Year-Round Cell Phone - (702) 321-6991
Roger Keeling guides Lake Almanor and other Plumas and Lassen County Lakes.

Mac's Lake Almanor Guide Service:   (530) 596-3202, Cell (510) 289-1150
Duncan McIntyre has 20 years experience guiding people on Lake Almanor.
Website: Mac's Lake Almanor Guide Service

The Lake Almanor Fly Fishing Company & Guide Service:   (530) 258-3944
Tom Maumoynier, serving Plumas County,
262 Main St., #4, Chester, CA 96020
Website: Lake Almanor Fly Fishing

Rick's Guide Service:   (530) 284-6005, Cell (530) 394-7170
Rick Taddei guides from April through June for smallmouth bass only. Beginning July through August he guides trout trips starting at 4:00 pm until dark.

Larry Hemphill Fishing Guide & Instructor
Yuba City, CA   (530) 674-0276
Website: Larry Hemphill
Larry Hemphill has been fishing Northern California lakes for bass since 1962. 20' Ranger Bass Boat

Lake Almanor Fish Pens

Lake Almanor receives regular fish planting during the fishing season. It also has a pen-rearing program located near the Hamilton Branch where king salmon and rainbow trout are raised. As many as 150,000 salmon fingerlings and 55,000 rainbows are released into the lake each year.

The main forage fish in Lake Almanor is the Japanese pond smelt which was originally planted there several decades ago, quickly replacing the native kokanee. Because the trout and salmon feed on the smelt, techniques using jigs, sliver spoons, and tube lures are especially successful. Spin casting bait works well, too. Among the most popular baits are red salmon eggs, nightcrawlers, and crickets.


Almanor Fishing Tackle

Dr. Del's Fly Shop
160 Main St., Chester
(530) 258-2980

Knotty Pines Resort
430 Peninsula Dr., Lake Almanor (530) 596-3348

The Lake Almanor Fly Fishing Co.
181 Main St., Lake Almanor
(530) 258-3944
Website: Almanor Fly Fishing

Sports Nut
208 Main St., Chester
(530) 258-3327