Silverwood Lake

San Bernardino County

Silverwood Lake, San Bernardino County, California
Silverwood Lake, San Bernardino County, California

Silverwood Lake

San Bernardino County

Silverwood Lake

Silverwood Lake is one of the most popular lakes in Southern California. Only 90 minutes from Los Angeles, it draws eager crowds of lake-seeking visitors, especially on summer weekends. Silverwood Lake is part of the California State Water Project and obtains its water through aqueducts from Northern California. The lake is part of the Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area.

Because of its popularity, the Silverwood Lake SRA limits the number of boats that can be launched each day. During the summer it is essential to obtain a Boat Launch Reservation. Camping at the lake is found at a single campground. Reservations should be made well in advance.

Summer Park Hours: (May - September )   6:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Winter Park Hours: (Oct. - April)   7:00 AM - 7:00 PM.
Note: The park hours shown here are based on the State of California's website; Rocky Mountain Recreation, which operates the marina, advertises closing times between 4:30 PM and 6:00 PM
Park Fees:   Entrance $10, Boat Launching $10 (canoes, kayaks launch free); free parking at the dam
Annual Passes:   Vehicle $195, Watercraft $100 (each)


Silverwood Lake is one of the leading boating destinations for residents of the greater Los Angeles area. Crowds on summer weekends can mean lines at the entrance gate and at the launch ramp. The Silverwood Lake SRA limits the boats to 125 per day. Once you are on the water, however, you can enjoy a wonderful day of boating.


Silverwood Lake has only one marina. Although they do a wonderful job of catering to the needs of boaters, they offer only limited facilities and boat rentals. A couple of independent boat rental companies help to round out the selection of jet skis and fishing boats. Ski boats can be rented from companies which will deliver them to the lake - for a price.


Silverwood Lake is best known for its bass fishing. It is regularly stocked with rainbow trout. There are also crappie, bluegills, and catfish to be caught. Although Silverwood Lake is a popular water ski lake, speed limits in many parts of the lake protect some of the best areas for quiet fishing.


There is one main campground at Silverwood Lake - Mesa Campground - along with a number of group campgrounds. To find other camping sites you must travel 17 to 30 miles. There are no RV Parks near the lake.


There is no lodging at Silverwood Lake. For those seeking resorts, inns, or motels, the nearest facilities are at Lake Gregory (10 miles to the east) and Lake Arrowhead (7 miles farther east). The nearest motels are in San Bernardino or Cajon Pass.


Silverwood Lake is set among high, barren peaks and surrounded by scattered forested hillsides. It has a rugged beauty that many enjoy. The lake itself, with its many inlets and coves, is an attractive place to fish or enjoy water sports.

Nearby Communities

The small community of Crestline is about 8 miles south of Silverwood Lake and Cajon Junction about 15 miles to the west. The city of San Bernardino is about 25 miles south of the lake. To the east are the communities around Lake Gregory and Lake Arrowhead.

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Silverwood Lake Facts
Lake Size: 976 surface acres
Maximum Depth: 166 feet
(corner to corner)
3 miles
Shoreline: 13 miles
Dam Construction: 1971
Reservoir Owner: California State Water Project
Maximum Lake Elevation: 3,355 feet
Average High Air Temperatures
  spring: 75 º
  summer: 99 º
  fall: 81 º
  winter: 60 º
Summer Surface Water Temperature: 75 º

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