Butte County, Northern California

Lake Oroville

Lake Oroville

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Recreation around Lake Oroville

  • Lake Oroville Visitor Center has a 47'-tall tower which provides spectacular panoramas of the lake and surrounding area.
  • Miles of great trails extend around Lake Oroville, attracting hikers, mountain bikers, and horseback riders. Among the most popular hikes are along the Dan Beebee Trail and the hike to Feather Falls.
  • Bicycling on the many paths and roads around the lake is popular year-round. Lake Oroville Bicyclists Organization has great maps of good rides in the area: Lake Oroville Bicyclists Organization
  • In Oroville don't miss the Feather River Nature Center, The Pioneer History Museum, and the Feather River Fish Hatchery.

Photo of Lake Oroville

Lake Oroville - The Best in Bass Fishing

While Lake Oroville is famous as one of the premier bass fishing destinations in the West, it has plenty more to offer. Outdoor activities at Lake Oroville include boating, water skiing, swimming, houseboating, camping, and hiking. With easy access from Highways 70 and 99 in California's northern Mother Lode country, Lake Oroville attracts visitors from up and down the coast and across the country. The lake's surface area of 15,500 acres, makes it the second largest reservoir in California (behind Shasta Lake).

Similar in configuration to Shasta Lake, Lake Oroville stretches out behind its dam in several long, twisting arms created by four branches of the Feather River: the North Fork, the Middle Fork, the West Branch, and the South Fork.

Lake Oroville is part of the Lake Oroville State Recreation Area.
Entrance Fee: $8
Boat Launch Fee: $5


Lake Oroville is everything you would want for boating. 167 miles of shoreline offer a variety of places to explore. Quality marinas and launch ramps make for easy entry to the lake. Surface temperatures in the summer at Lake Oroville range between 70 and 78 degrees. All types of boats are allowed on the lake, including personal watercraft


Fishing at Lake Oroville is one of the most popular activities there. Besides its five varieties of bass, the lake is home to salmon, trout, catfish, sturgeon, mackinaw, crappie, and blue gill. Lake Oroville is the only place in the state where you can fish for Coho Salmon. Scores of annual fishing tournaments are held at Lake Oroville

Campgrounds and Floating Campsites

Lake Oroville is a State Recreation Area. It's campgrounds offer amenities not often found in other areas. The most unusual camping feature at Lake Oroville is its Floating Campsites, 20' by 24' moored, pontoon boats which can accommodate up to 15 people. Each two-level floating site has a restroom, sink and sun deck.


There is no lodging available right at Lake Oroville other than to rent vacation homes, which are numerous along the western shores. Several resorts and a number of motels can be found in nearby Oroville.


With its seemingly endless channels, Lake Oroville is an intriguing place to explore by boat. Low, forested mountains flank the lake on several sides.

Nearby Communities

The city of Oroville is only five miles from Lake Oroville, making it convenient to pick up any needed supplies that you can find around the lake or to take an afternoon off to watch a movie or visit a night club Twenty-five miles to the northwest is the college community of Chico, while an equal distance to directly north is the picturesque community of Paradise.


Lake Oroville Facts
Lake Size: 15,500 acres
Maximum Depth: 695 feet
Length: 20 miles
Shoreline: 167 miles
Dam Construction: 1962-1967
Reservoir Owner:
Maximum Lake Elevation: 901 feet
Average Air Temperatures
  spring: 68 degrees
  summer: 95 degrees
  fall: 70 degrees
  winter: 52 degrees
Summer Water Temperature: 78 degrees

Photo of bridge at Lake Oroville

Highway 162 Bridge

California's Greatest Lakes

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