Photo of Trinity Lake, California

Trinity Lake Directions

From most places on the West Coast, driving to Trinity Lake is fairly straight forward. Follow Interstate 5 to Redding. Then go west on Highway 299 to Weaverville. Next turn north on Highway 3 to Trinity Lake.

Coming from Eureka on Highway 299 is a 2 hour drive to Weaverville .

From the Reno go north on Highway 395 to Susanville, then go west on Highway 36 to Red Bluff before turning north on I-5 . At Redding go west on Highway 299 to Weaverville and then north on Highway 3 to Trinity Lake .

Map of Trinity Lake

Mileage and Driving Times to Trinity Lake
Miles Hours Mins.
Chester 166 3 12
Eureka 123 2 36
Chico 136 2 46
Los Angeles 608 9 54
Oroville 158 3 04
Portland, OR 446 7 30
Red Bluff 96 2 00
Redding 64 1 27
Reno, NV 287 5 06
Sacramento 226 4 00


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