Photo of Trinity Lake, California

Trinity Lake Boating

Trinity Lake is popular with all kinds of boaters. Houseboaters find the lake a relaxing place to spend the day amidst such magnificent scenery. Waterskiers and wakeboarders enjoy the glassy morning water.

Jet skiers have plenty of room to maneuver and play, while off on the quieter corners of the lake anglers have great success in coves and inlets. Kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, and sailboats are often seen on the lake.

Current Water Level at Trinity Lake

Trinity Lake Marinas

Trinity Lake Resorts and Marinas

at Cedar Stock and Trinity Center

Cedar Stock Marina: a full-service marina with fuel, boat rentals, located on Stuart Arm
Trinity Center Marina: has slip rentals and a store, located at the north end of the lake
Website: Forever Resorts -
Trinity Lake Resorts and Marina
Reservations and Rental Information: (800) 255-5561

Photo of Cedar Stock Marina at Trinity Lake, CA

Cedar Stock Marina

Photo of Trinity Center Marina at Trinity Lake, CA

Trinity Center Marina

Trinity Center Marina

Trinity Center Small Boat Slip - $1000 per season
Store offering boating accessories, fishing tackle, bait, and snacks

Cedar Stock Marina

Cedar Stock Marina Boat Rentals - 2017
Boat Length People Hour Day Week
Prices subject to change.
Full day rental is fromm 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Houseboats 50'-60' sleep 6-10
Fishing Boat 16' 5 $35 $100 $550
Fishing Boat 17' 4-5 $40 $150 $875
Deck Cruiser 26' 10 $65 $325 $1750
Deck Boat 28' 10 $50 $195 $1075
Patio Pontoon Boat 44' 20 $495 $2875
Ski Boat 19' 7 $70 $375 $2050
Personal Watercraft 2 $75 $325 $1900

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Trinity Alps Marina

Photo of Trinity Alps Marina at Trinity Lake, CA

Located next to the Fairview Public Boat Ramp near the dam.
(530) 286-2282
Website: Trinity Alps Marina
Parking Lot Gate Hours: 8:30 AM until 1 hour past sunset
Public Parking $5 per day

Trinity Alps Marina:

Trinity Alps Marina Houseboat Rentals - Summer 2017 Rates
Boat Length Sleeps Features Daily 7 Nights
Check Trinity Alps Marina for Specials. Off-season rates about a third less. Prices subject to change.
Clipper 36' 6 Basics $357 $2000
Custom 37' 10 Kitchen, Bath, DVD-TV $482 $2700
Starship 56' 16 2 Baths, Slide, AC $643 $3600
Starship Flying Bridge 56' 16 AC, Flat Screen TV, Slide $696 $3900
Star 2 Penthouse 56' 14 2 Penthouse Suites, Slide, AC $768 $4300

Trinity Alps Marina Boat Rentals - Summer 2017 Rates
Boat Length Seats Hour 4 Hrs Day Week
Check Trinity Alps Marina for Specials. Prices subject to change.
Fishing Boat 14' 4 NA $40 $80 $300
Patio Pontoon Boat 28' NA $165 $225 $1000
Party Deck Boat 36' NA $225 $350 $1850
Tahoe Q6 Ski/Wake Boat 21' 9 NA $240 $375 $2000
Personal Raft 2 $10 $30 $40 $110
Pontoon Kayak $15 $45 $55 $145


Trinity Lake Launch Ramps

Trinity Lake Boat Launch Ramps
Boat Ramp Facilities Fee Closes when water is drawn below
Bowerman Restrooms, Paved Parking Lot $7 -50'
Clark Springs Restrooms, Boarding Dock $7 -46'
Fairview Restrooms, Paved Parking, Marina $7 -57'
Minersville Restrooms, Water $7 -200'
Stuart Fork Restrooms $7 -32'
Tannery Gulch For campground use, Restrooms $7
Trinity Center Restrooms $7 -70'


Trinity Lake Boating Information

Lake levels can fluctuate as much as several feet per day, exposing new obstacles such as rocks, fallen trees, and stumps. Some obstacles have been marked, but many have not. See the Trinity Lake Boating Safety brochure. for details.

During the winter and spring, storms wash considerable debris into Trinity Lake, creating a hazard for boats. Even later in the year rising water levels can re-float driftwood along the shores. Winds tend to blow debris toward Fairview and Trinity Center boat ramps, so use extra caution there. During the summer most debris is beached on the shoreline.

During the summer several floating restrooms are placed on the lake for the use of boaters. They can be found in the Stuarts Fork Arm at Clark Springs and Ridgeville Island, and in the Digger, Feeney, and the Freethy Arms.


Marine Services

Chris' Marine Engine Repair
14265 Holiday Road, Redding
(530) 275-3097

Economy 4-cycle Marine
4305 Caterpillar Rd # 5-6, Redding
(530) 241-7990

Harrison's Marine
2330 Twin View Boulevard, Redding
(530) 243-0175

Myers Marine & RV Center
2022 Twin View Boulevard, Redding
(530) 246-8393

Dave's Mobile Marine
2875 Sandalwood Street, Redding
(530) 515-5152

Outboard Center
5280 Caterpillar Road, Redding
(530) 241-5430

Shasta Outboards
1054 Twin View Boulevard, Redding
(530) 246-2343

Bills Houseboat Repair
1054 Twin View Boulevard, Redding
(530) 246-3361

Ray Young Mobile Boat Repair
1965 Cascade Blvd, Shasta Lake, CA
(530) 275-3740

Phil's Propeller and Fishing
3037 Twin View Boulevard, Shasta Lake
(530) 275-4939

Innespace Marine
13666 Lake Boulevard, Shasta Lake
(530) 917-4316


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