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Lake Oroville Boating

Lake Oroville's broad surface and winding inlets provide an exciting playground for pleasure boaters, sailors, water-skiers, and houseboaters. Bass anglers ply spread across the lake in search of the perfect spot to land that trophy fish. Warm summer temperatures make the lake a popular vacation destination.

Although the drought in California lowered Lake Oroville's water level considerably, several recent good years of rain have brought the lake back to its prime.

Lake Fees

Entrance Fee: $8
Boat Launch Fee: $5

Current Lake Oroville Water Level

Lake Oroville Marinas

Lake Oroville Marina

Lime Saddle Recreation Area, Lake Oroville, CA
12 Miles north of Oroville, Off Highway 70, take Pentz Road
1-800-255-5561   Website: Lake Oroville Marina


Lake Oroville Marina Boat Rentals
Boat Length Seats Hour Day
There is a two hour minimum on all boat rentals. Fuel is extra.
Open Bow Ski Boat 19' 7 $70 $375
Patio Boat with Canopy 22' 8 NA $175
Deck Cruiser 26' 8 $60 $325
Patio Pontoon with Bathroom, Sun Deck 44' 15 NA $495
Houseboats 50'-70' 8-12

Photo of boats near Bidwell Canyon Marina

Bidwell Canyon Marina

South Shore of Lake Oroville
(530) 589-9175
Website: Bidwell Canyon Marina



Boating Information

Overnight Boating
Overnight boating is permitted for boats with self-contained sanitary facilities; all waste and water outlets must be sealed. Sanitation stations available around the lake.

Boat Mooring
Mooring is permitted except where posted. No-mooring areas include both marinas and the area south of a line between Potter point and the Highway 162 Bridge. Overnight camping on shore is only allowed at designated campgrounds.

Water Skiing
Water skiing is not permitted in narrow upper reaches of Lake Oroville's tributaries.

Boating Hazards
Floating logs and other debris can present a hazard, especially during the winter in spring. Changing water levels can create new hazards, especially during summer and fall draw downs.

Oroville Launch Ramps

Lake Oroville Boat Launch Ramps
Lanes Facilities Fee Closes when lake is drawn below
Bidwell Canyon 3-7 Marina, Store, Restrooms $5 680'
Lime Saddle 5 Vault Toilets Marina $5 775'
Loafer Creek 2-8 Restrooms $5 775'
Spillway 1-12 Restrooms $5 685'
Enterprise 2 $5 820'

Lake Oroville Car-Top Boat Launch Sites
Dark Canyon North Fork, Dark Canyon Road off Hwy 70
Nelson Bar West Branch, Pentz Road off Hwy 70, near Lime Saddle
Foreman Creek Foreman Cr. Rd., off Hwy 162
Stringtown South Fork, Stringtown Rd.
Vinton Gulch Off Cherokee Rd., near West Branch Bridge


Marine Services

A & M Prop Repair
2669 Andy Mountain Road, Oroville, CA
(530) 533-9482

Lake Oroville Boat Repair
3428 Pentz Road, Paradise, CA
(530) 877-1838

Bidwell Boat Repair Shop
801 Bidwell Canyon Road, Oroville, CA
(530) 589-0969

John's Marine
3380 Olive Highway, Oroville, CA
(530) 534-8300
Website: John's Marine

Wilson's Paradise Marine
5368 Clark Rd., Paradise, CA
(530) 872-2617

West Marine
4445 Granite Dr. #501, Rocklin, CA
(916) 632-9140
9500 Micron Ave. #116, Sacramento, CA
(916) 366-3300


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