Eagle Lake, Lassen County, CA

Eagle Lake Boating

Eagle Lake is a popular destination in northeastern California boating enthusiasts. The lake is divided into three sections with connecting channels. The southern section reaches a maximum depth of 92 feet; the middle section averages 10 feet and the northern section, six feet. Various kinds of boating activities and water sports are popular at Eagle Lake.

The Spaulding Launch Ramp is shown below. Facilities include parking and restrooms. Low lake levels have closed most other ramps.

Spaulding Launch Ramp at Eagle Lake

Spaulding Launch Ramp

Eagle Lake Marinas

Eagle Lake Marina

On the south shore, Eagle Lake, CA
(530) 825-3454
Website: Eagle Lake Marina
Managed by the Lassen College Foundation
With water levels low, only launching is quite limited (see photo left). September 1, 2011 no rental boats were in the marina, which was likely too shallow to be used. Call the marina for current information.


Eagle Lake Resort
(formerly Mariners Resort)

509-725 Stone Road, Eagle Lake, CA
Eagle Lake Resort
New ownership has re-opened the resort, but many of the facilities that were part of the former Mariners Resort have not yet been opened. The resort offers cabin rentals and RV sites and tent sites. Read about them on our CAMPING page.

Eagle Lake RV Park

687-125 Palmetto Way, Spalding, Eagle Lake
(530) 825-3133
Website: Eagle Lake RV Park



Other Launch Ramps

Low water levels may have impacted these launch sites.

Photo of Aspen Grove launch ramp

Aspen Grove Launch Ramp
High and Dry

Aspen Grove Launch Ramp

Closed due to low water level

Rocky Point - East

On the east shore of Rocky Point, which is on the north shore of Eagle Lake.
Unimproved campground
Possible to launch small boats from here along the shoreline.

Photo of sign at Aspen Grove launch ramp

Sign at Aspen Grove Ramp

Rocky Point - West

On the west side of Rocky Point, which is on the north shore of Eagle Lake.
Unimproved campground
Possible to launch small boats from here along the shoreline.

Stone's Landing

Located on the north shore
Launch ramp

Boating Cautions

As on any large lake, afternoon winds can come up quickly and pose a danger to small boats not designed for whitecaps or choppy water. At Eagle Lake calm water can quickly turn to whitecaps without warning.

Low water has created hazards, some hidden just below the surface, especially in the shallow northern two sections of Eagle Lake. Some of the hazards are marked with buoys, but others are not marked. Buoys are removed for the season in late October. Be especially cautious around Pelican Point.

Five lighted buoys assist boaters with navigation and marking some of the hazards on the lake. The lighted buoys are located near Pelican Point, Browns Point, Bucks Point, Tunnel Island and Stones. They are removed late in the season when the lake begins to freeze over.

Hazard signs are posted at all public access launching ramps on Eagle Lake to give boaters information about hazards on the lake. The sheriff’s office maintains at least one patrol boat to assist boaters.


Marine Services

J & L Boat Repair

688-125 Spruce Way
Spalding, Eagle Lake
(530) 825-2129

Tri County Marine

694-754 California 36
Susanville, CA
(530) 257-6418

Little Norway Marine Repair

3718 Big Springs Road
Lake Almanor, CA
(530) 596-3200

Custom Boat and Marine

9300 S. Virginia
Reno, NV
(5775) 852-4535

Roger's Boat and Marine

4690 Longley Lane #B107
Reno, NV
(775) 853-3800

Ridge Marine

6171 North Libby Road
(530) 877-1766

A & M Prop Repair

2669 Andy Mountain Road
Oroville, CA
(530) 533-9482

On Mark Marine

1103 Ewald Ct # 2
Paradise, CA
(530) 872-3995

Harrison's Marine and RV

2330 Twin view Blvd.
Redding, Ca
(530) 243-0175

Eagle Lake Sailing Association

705-475 Indians Road
Janesville, CA 96114
Eagle Lake Sailing Association


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