Index to California's 45 Greatest Lakes

California's Greatest Lakes
Lake Surface Acres Shoreline Miles County Top Attributes* Special Notes
*Boating includes all kinds of watersports.
**No body-to-water contact includes no personal watercraft, water skiing or types of boating that are likely to result body to water contact.
Lake Almanor 28,257 55 Plumas Fishing and Boating
Bass Lake 1,170 14 Madera Camping and Boating
Lake Berryessa 18,500 165 Napa Fishing and Boating
Big Bear Lake 2,971 22 San Bernardino Boating, Lodging, Scenery
Lake Cachuma 3,100 42 Santa Barbara Fishing and Scenery No Body-to-Water Contact**
Lake Camanche 7,770 53 Amador, Calaveras,
San Joaquin
Fishing and Boating
Lake Casitas 2,500 32 Ventura Fishing and Scenery Strict Boat Inspection Regulations
Castaic Lake 2,230 29 Los Angeles Boating and Fishing Castaic Lagoon offers additional facilities
Clear Lake 43,785 127 Lake Boating and Lodging Limited Camping
Diamond Valley Lake 4500 26 Riverside Fishing No Body-to-Water Contact**
Donner Lake 960 8 Nevada Scenery and Camping
Don Pedro Lake 13,000 160 Tuolumne Fishing and Boating
Eagle Lake 24,000 66 Lassen Fishing and Camping Low Water Levels Impact Lake Activities
Lake Thomas A. Edison 1,853 11 Fresno Fishing and Scenery Inaccessible in Winter
El Capitan Reservoir 1,562 22 San Diego Boating and Fishing Low Water Levels Impact Lake Activities
Fallen Leaf Lake 1285 7.5 miles El Dorado Fishing and Boating Inaccessible in Winter
Florence Lake 962 9 Fresno Fishing and Scenery Inaccessible in Winter
Folsom Lake 11,450 75 Sacramento, Placer,
El Dorado
Boating and Fishing
Lake Havasu 19,300 450 San Bernardino;
Mojave, AZ
Boating and Scenery
Huntington Lake 1,435 14 Fresno Camping and Scenery
Lake Isabella 11,200 38 Kern Fishing and Camping
June Lake 320 3 Mono Fishing, Camping, Scenery Cluster of 4 Lakes
Mammoth Lakes 284 Total 7 Total Mono Fishing, Camping, and Scenery Cluster of 5 Main Lakes
Lake McClure 7,000 80 Mariposa Fishing and Boating
Millerton 4,900 40 Madera, Fresno Boating and Camping
Mono Lake 45.133 43 Mono Scenery No Fish
Lake Nacimiento 5,370 165 San Luis Obispo Boating and Fishing
New Bullards Bar 4,700 56 Yuba Boating and Fishing
New Hogan Lake 4,410 45 Calaveras Boating and Fishing
New Melones Lake 12,500 100 Tuolumne, Calaveras Boating and Fishing Extensive shoreside activities
Lake Oroville 15,500 167 Butte Fishing and Boating
Lake Perris 2,250 10 Riverside Boating and Fishing
Pinecrest Lake 300 66 Tuolumne Scenery and Camping No waterskiing or PWC
Pine Flat Lake 5,790 67 Fresno Boating and Fishing
Lake Piru 1,240 12 Ventura Boating and Fishing No Personal Watercraft
Lake San Antonio 5,720 64 Monterey Fishing and Camping
Santa Margarita Lake 1,100 22 San Luis Obispo Fishing No Body-to-Water Contact**
Shasta Lake 30,000 365 Shasta Boating, Fishing, Camping
Shaver Lake 2,177 20 Fresno Camping, Boating, Scenery
Silverwood Lake 976 13 San Bernardino Boating and Fishing
Lake Sonoma 2,700 53 Sonoma Boating, Boat-in Camping, Fishing
Stampede Reservoir 3,450 25 Sierra Fishing and Boating
Lake Tahoe - North 122,200 71 Placer
Washoe, Carson City, NV
Boating and Scenery
Lake Tahoe - South 122,200 71 El Dorado
Douglas, NV
Boating, Camping, Scenery
Trinity Lake 17,280 145 Trinity Boating, Camping, Fishing