Photo of Lake Almanor

Lake Almanor Lodging

Lake Almanor has a wide variety of lodging choices ranging from resorts to motels, RV parks to lodges. Most of them are moderately priced, making the lake a great choice for family vacations. A group of avid fishermen could rent a cabin or a small vacation home and split the expenses.

Photo of Lassen Peak

Lassen Peak

Lake Almanor Resorts

Big Cove Resort

442 Peninsula Drive, Lake Almanor, CA 96137
(530) 596-3349   Big Cove Resort

Knotty Pine Resort

430 Peninsula Drive, Lake Almanor, CA 96137
(530) 596-3348   Knotty Pine Resort


Kokanee Lodge and Carson Chalets

452 Peninsular Drive, Lake Almanor, CA 96137
(800) 210-7020   Carson Chalets

Lake Cove Resort and Marina

3584 Highway 147, Lake Almanor, CA 96137
(530) 284-7697   Website: Lake Cove Resort

Lake Haven Resort

7329 Highway 147, Eastshore, Lake Almanor, CA 96137
(530) 596-3249   Lake Haven Resort


North Shore Campground

Highway 36, 2 miles east of Chester, CA
(530) 258-3376   North Shore Campground

Paul Bunyan Resort and Babe's Inn

443 Peninsula Dr., Lake Almanor, CA
(530) 596-4700   Paul Bunyan Resort

Photo of Paul Bunyan Resort


Plumas Pines Resort

3000 Almanor Dr. West, Canyon Dam, CA 95923
(530) 259-4343   Plumas Pines Resort

Vagabond Lake Front RV Resort & Marina

7371 Highway 147, Lake Almanor, CA 96137
(530) 596-3240   Vagabond Resort

Wilson's Camp Prattville

2913 Lake Almanor Dr. West, Canyon Dam, CA 95923
(530) 259-2464   Wilson's Camp Prattville


Lake Almanor Resort Map

Map of resorts at Lake Almanor, CA

Lodging in Chester

Antlers Motel

268 Main St., Chester, CA
(530) 258-2722
Antlers Motel

Bidwell House Inn Bed & Breakfast

101 Main St., Chester, CA
(530) 258-3338
Bidwell House Inn

Cedar Lodge Motel

Hwy 36 and Hwy 89, Chester, CA
(530) 258-2904

Cinnamon Teal Bed & Breakfast

227 Feather River Dr., Chester, CA
(530) 258-3993
Cinnamon Teal Inn

Deer Creek Lodge

44175 Highway 36 East, Chester, CA
(530) 258-2939

One Sweet Lodge

317 Main St., Chester, CA
(530) 258-2403

Rose Quartz Inn

306 Main St., Chester, CA
(530) 258-2002
Rose Quartz Inn

Seneca Motel

545 Martin Way, Chester, CA
(530) 258-2815

Sierra Motel

229 Main St., Chester, CA
(530) 258-2500

St. Bernard Lodge Bed & Breakfast

44801 Highway 36 East, Chester, CA
(530) 258-3382
St. Bernard Lodge

The Village

131 Brentwood Dr., Chester, CA
(530) 258-0344

Timber House Lodge

501 Main St., Chester, CA
(530) 258-2729


RV Parks

Brookside RV Park

286 Main Street, Chester, CA
(530) 258-3584

Canyon Dam RV Park

29581 Highway 89, Canyon Dam
(530) 284-7046

Cedar Lodge Motel & RV Park

1487 County Road 324, Chester, CA
(530) 258-2904

Forest Park RV

Canyon Dam, CA
(530) 284-7405

Leisure RV Park

142 Feather River Dr., Chester, CA
(530) 258-2302

Whispering Pines RV Park

Highway 89, Canyon Dam
(530) 284-7404
25 RV sites, full hookups, showers, flush toilets, laundry, dump station


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